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Race Explorer is your post-race results and analytics companion.  Designed with fun in mind, Race Explorer engages your competitors post-event by immersing your competitors in the finish line results and keeping the event hype continuing long after everyone has gone home. 

Central to Race Explorer’s interface is the virtual race map.  This plots the finishing positions of all competitors, representing each person which an interactive icon.  Hovering over the icon reveals the competitor’s identity and  their race statistics, including overall, category and gender positions, as well as their pace.

Race Explorer provides a full post-event analytics platform for almost any type of timed event, including but not limited to running, cycling and swimming.  Multi-stage events such as triathlons are also supported.  You provide your results and we customise Race Explorer to your event.



know your race

Race Explorer’s visual analytics tell the story of the race and allow competitors (and event organisers) to explore the event in detail that can’t be provided by traditional tables of results.

With three pages of included interactive analytics, Race Explorer promotes exploration of your event in detail, revealing competitor distributions, category participation and pace analysis.

Know Your Race



RACE EXPLORER: Our core service, Race Explorer provides all of your event analytics and hosts your event on our Race Explorer events page.  You’ll share the link to generate the post-event buzz.  Demonstration Event.

RACE EXPLORER EDGE:  Our premium service to showcase your event.  Edge is customized to your event branding, including color schemes, icon selection and embedding your race photos within the interface.  There is also the option of hosting Race Explorer Edge within your own website, to keep everything in the one place. Demonstration Event.

RACE EXPLORER SERIES:  For hosting many events across a year or season, Series supports the hardcore event industry.  Race Explorer Series is fully branded for your series, event company or timing company and provides a cost-effective solution for providing Race Explorer to your community or clients across all of your events.

Race Explorer OPTIONS

Completing the Investment:   Investing in a timing solution is one of the most significant costs for running a timed sporting event.  At only a fraction of the cost of your timing expenditure, Race Explorer completes your investment by engaging your event community in the race results you’ve expended to provide.  

Completes the Investment


Your Virtual Event Partner

Race Explorer is the perfect companion for events where competitors are unable to simultaneously compete.  The visual distributions provided in the Race Explorer interface promote the identity of mass participation and community.

Virtual Event Partner

For more information on how Race Explorer can work for your event, please visit our FAQ or reach out to us through our contact form.

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