Here’s our new video providing an overview of the RACE EXPLORER service and demonstrating its major features.

A key feature of RACE EXPLORER is its compatability with a variety of race timing systems, accounting for differences in timing formats, category allocations and event types.   We can now customise RACE EXPLORER for almost any type of results output, and importantly, have a demonstration of the final product ready prior to the event.

Central to RACE EXPLORER is it being tailored service, transforming race results from traditional (and slightly boring) static lists into dynamic dashboards where the race community can interact with simulated competitors.

Another focus of the service is to remove overheads from Race Directors, who through our experience in also being on race event committees, are already very busy people!  Thus, race directors need only provide a sample of their race timing results prior to the event.  We then design the race analytics interface, which includes event logos and can be extended to include event images and colours to match the branding of the event.

While RACE EXPLORER provides sophistication with its interactive race map and analytics, the focus is on FUN!  Competitor’s engage with the timed race results and can visualise who finished around them. They can compare across categories and genders to build a greater understanding of the race distributions.

We’ve found it also leads to an increase in social media activity post event.

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