RACE EXPLORER SERIES delivers race analytics across every event in an entire series or season.  For the 2021 Shipwreck Coast Swim Series, this gave competitors 3 events to explore, compare and analyse using the RACE EXPLORER interface…and 3 times the fun.

Series timer Michael Artz was delighted with how easy it was to initiate RACE EXPLORER across the three open water swim events and the format in which the analytics depicted the results.

“Both the committee and our swimmers have enjoyed seeing the graphic depiction of our results as presented by Race Explorer. This format offers a brilliant overview of our results.”

A key attribute of RACE EXPLORER’s race analytics is that they are customized to support almost all results system formats, including common platforms such as RunSignUp, RaceTec, RaceResult and UltraSignUp.

For the Shipwreck Coast Swim Series competitors, it was clear they were developing an increasing appetite for race analytics, with competitors engaging more readily and for longer periods as the series progressed.  All events were contained within the single race analytics dashboard, allowing competitors (and interested others) an easy option to quickly switch between events within the series.

“Feedback from our swimmers has related it as an impressive addon to their participation, a fact that has been confirmed by the number of views they have generated!”, said Michael at the conclusion of the final event held at Port Campbell.

Closer analysis of user interaction with RACE EXPLORER shows that the visual race map is the highlight of the race analytics dashboard.  Users will interact with the virtual icons to uncover who finished where in the finish line distribution.  Competitors will typically hover over other competitors to discover who finished just in front or just behind them in the race to the line….”If only I had gone that little bit faster I would have caught him!”, they’re likely saying.

Progressing through the dashboard, engaged users (usually competitors and always race directors), can see the race analysis in terms of average pace per category and even a participation breakdown.  For Michael and his fellow committee members, this provided insights previously unavailable, “…providing insight into category details and metrics in a clear and obvious depiction which would otherwise take our volunteer committee hours of work.”

To keep everything in the one place, the RACE EXPLORER dashboard concludes with a scrollable table of the full race results.

RACE EXPLORER SERIES is adaptable to cover either a series of events under the same banner, or an event manager’s portfolio of events.  Contact us to find out how RACE EXPLORER can integrate with your events.

And, for anyone who hasn’t yet seen RACE EXPLORER’s race analytics dashboard in action, here’s the Shipwreck Coast Swim Series on RACE EXPLORER (click image to open in a new window).

Shipwreck Coast Race Analytics

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