We are GO! After a year in development, today we’re excited to be ‘officially’ launching our new Race Explorer Service. We’re bringing race analytics and a load of fun for any kind of timed event, including virtual events.

A full description of Race Explorer is already available on our About page and we’ve already populated our events page with some of the events who have supported our development. These events include running, ocean swimming, mountain biking, trail running and triathlons. Effectively we can support any type of timed event. Event organisers provide the results and we publish the event’s Race Explorer.

We’ve thought hard about how to support everyone’s varying requirements for race analytics. We offer our core service, Race Explorer, as a visually stimulating and cost effective way to provide visual analytics for your event. For those wishing to showcase their event further, we provide Race Explorer Edge. Edge is customised to your event, including colors, icons and even embedded event photos from your race. Race Explorer Edge can also be hosted from your own website to seamlessly work in with your other event details.

Race Explorer Series is our solution for those who need to engage their competitors on an ongoing basis. This option is perfect for event companies (including virtual), event series and timing providers.

So how did Race Explorer originate? Like many of us engaged in the sports technology industry, we love event participation and also technology. After browsing through countless lists of marathon results we knew we could combine analytics and results to provide a fun and interactive way to review events. From also being involved as race organisers, we know the high investment involved in race timing. Race Explorer would provide a means to extract the best post-event value for race results.

Thus the Race Explorer idea was born. It was developed, trialled, redeveloped, trialled……… you get the picture. Finally we’ve arrived at a service we think is easy for competitors to use and a whole lot of fun when searching through the field. It provides a visualisation of the event that we just can’t extract from looking at a typical table of results.

We look forward to growing the Race Explorer service and supporting the sports events industry for years to come.

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